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4 Things Senior Managers can do TODAY to improve Employee Engagement


Posted by harryeross

Improving employee engagement doesn’t have to be about big sweeping programs. It improves mostly because of all the little gestures Senior Managers do. Here are 4 things you can do TODAY that will improve your culture, and get your employees more aligned and engaged. 1. Get out of your office/cubicle and walk around. Say “hello” to people […]

Performance Feedback Cycle


Posted by harryeross

This is the sixth article on my experience coming into a small company as their first Human Resources leader.  It’s that time of the year when many companies put together end of year performance reviews and feedback sessions, and there is constant debate about what kind of conversations should be taking place, if these conversations […]

5 Steps to Reengage Your Company Culture


Posted by harryeross

How HR can help get Employee Engagement back on track  What happens when you either join a company or a department where the employees are not engaged and there is not a great culture in place? As the Human Resources leader, there are steps you can take that will reestablish trust in the company and […]

Talent Management in a Small Company


Posted by harryeross

This is the fifth article on my experience coming into a small company as their first Human Resources leader.  Talent Management in a Small Company At a recent conference about employee engagement, a speaker from Fuel 50 said that “employees who were very satisfied with their career development opportunities were more likely to plan to remain […]

“Fun” as a Business Strategy


Posted by harryeross

This is the fourth article on my experience coming into a small company as their first Human Resources leader.  Work should be a happy place, right? Not necessarily a laugh-a-minute, but one where you genuinely enjoy your co-workers and people  are in a positive mood, most of time. Maybe even a joke now and then. […]

Why HR Matters to Small Companies (#3)


Posted by harryeross

This is the third article on my experience coming into a small company as their first Human Resources leader.  Getting the Right Talent When I first started with my company as their first HR Leader, one of major priorities was making sure we had the right people, in the right seats on the right bus. […]